Bismark Drive



Bismark Drive from East Ledbetter Drive to 51st Street [PB12S448]


Improve and upgrade mobility and street paving on Bismark Drive.


This project includes construction of reinforced concrete pavement, sidewalk, storm sewer, water and wastewater main improvements and other miscellaneous items necessary to complete the project in accordance with the intent of the plans and specifications.


Prime Contractor/Consultant

Macval Associates LLC

Scheduled Completion

Winter 2018

Contractor 24-Hour Phone

(214) 689 - 9663

Project Owner

City of Dallas


Onsite Paving Supervisor

Curtis Redmon
(214) 597 - 5961

Onsite Utilities Supervisor

Mauricio Romero
(214) 259 - 0076

Offsite Director

Zuma Attah
(817) 899 - 8898


Bismark Drive Photo and Video Gallery