Climate change will transform the way the workforce will operate

People will always talk about the environmental effects of climate change but rarely ever consider the significant economic effects that come along with such a rapidly changing world. Certain jobs, even in the most professional practices, are beginning to realize how climate change effects their sector in the world, and those not able to adapt accordingly will soon be replaced.

It will not be an immediate change in occupations worldwide, but the Association of Climate Change Officer's executive Director Daniel Kreeger notes how soon those who do not possess the right skills to work in a system with unexpected environmental factors will soon lose out on long term job opportunities.

 “We don’t expect to get monster inundations of rain, and then drought for six months. We expect to get periodic, smaller amounts of rain. So our systems aren’t equipped to deal with larger rainfalls,” Kreeger told BBC Future. “When those parameters change, you need a workforce to deal with those changes."

It seems no industry is safe from the abruptness of climate change, and it is alarming to realize just how much it can effect our most important jobs.

“Well, our civil engineers haven’t been trained to deal with climate change in their training," continued Kreeger. "Our urban planners, our city managers, our architects. Nobody’s been taught this stuff.”

Hopefully, climate change literacy will spread in all organizations, even the most professional ones, as it is important for the fate of our planet.