Consulting Methodology

We cannot start to solve your specific problem until we first gain a solid understanding of the problem. In our initial contact we strive to understand:

  • Specific needs and background
  • Origins of the problem
  • Scope of the investigation
  • Key issues to be examined


At this time we determine:

  • A broad definition of the assignment and expected results
  • The information gathering methodology
  • Logical phases if (practical)
  • Approximate time and cost


Once gathered, the above information helps the client decide whether we are the best people to handle the assignment. It also helps us determine if we can do the job and whether we can do it properly in the time available.

When appropriate, the details and results of this discussion are confirmed in a written proposal outlining:

  • Our understanding of the assignment
  • Suggested approach
  • Type and extent of client involvement
  • Organization of the work
  • Expected results
  • Estimated time and cost


During each assignment, periodic updates are given. These are augmented by at least one interim review to summarize our findings to date and discuss any modifications in the direction for the balance of the project. Upon completion of the assignment, we report our findings and recommendations to client management, normally in the form of a briefing presentation.

While structured, this presentation encourages the questioning and discussion of our findings. Our goal is to provide clients with recommendations which are practical for them to implement. The presentation is then documented with a written report.

Contractual Terms & Conditions

Fees are based on the time needed plus expenses actually incurred in carrying out the assignment.  Professional time of MACVAL will be billed as either a fixed fee (if the required result can be precisely defined) or at an hourly rate quoted upon agreement of the scope of the assignment.

In addition, the client will reimburse all expenses, plus a 20% handling charge added to these expenses. These expenses will be estimated upon agreement of the project’s scope. If the actual expenses exceed the agreed estimate, the client will reimburse such excess expenses, but will not be charged any further handling charge on the additional amount.

Expenses include all out of pocket costs such as travel, lodging, telephone, printing and copying, postage, user fees for on-line information retrieval, publications, independent contractor assistance, and similar items. Other costs such as word processing and mileage will be treated as expenses at rates approximating local commercial charges. Detailed expense records are maintained in our office and may be inspected if desired.

If travel costs are incurred on a trip that serves two or more clients, common travel costs will be allocated to each client in proportion to costs that would have been incurred for travel dedicated solely to each client alone.

Bills will be submitted twice a month, normally on the first and fifteenth. Bills are due and payable when submitted. A late payment charge of 1.5% per month (18.00% annually) may be applied to amounts outstanding ten (10) days after the date of the statement.

The client always has the right to terminate the assignment upon written notice. In such a case the client has no liability for charges beyond those incurred on their behalf through the date when notice of termination is received by us. Because we cannot serve a client under terms or conditions that might impair our objectivity, independence, or integrity, MACVAL reserves the right to withdraw from the assignment if conditions develop to interfere with the successful completion of the assignment.

It is understood that MACVAL and its contractors, if any, shall be in the relation ofindependent contractors with the client, and nothing herein shall be construed as designating us as employees or agents of the client for any purpose.  MACVAL will guard as confidential all information concerning the affairs of the client that is gathered during the course of the assignment. We agree to hold such information in strict confidence, and not to disclose it to others for a period of five years or until such information is otherwise released by the client. MACVAL will not serve two or more competing clients in areas of vital interest without first informing each client.

The rights to any inventions that result from our work will be assigned to the client without any further charge for professional time. The client is responsible for all legal fees and similar expenses necessary to obtain patents that the client may desire to register.

Consulting Principles


We know that we are being hired for independent judgment and objectivity, technical expertise, analytical skill and concentrated attention to the solution of a problem. We will provide those skills. We will be impartial. We will guard the confidentiality of all client information.

We will not take financial gain or any other kind of advantage based on inside information. We will not serve two or more competing clients on sensitive problems without obtaining the approval of each client to do so. We will inform the client of any circumstances, which might influence our judgment or objectivity. 

Before accepting an assignment, we will confer with the client in sufficient detail to understand the problem and the scope of study needed to solve it. Such preliminary consultations are conducted confidentially, on terms agreed to by the client.

We will only accept those assignments we are qualified to perform which will provide real benefit to the client; we cannot guarantee any specific results, such as the amount of cost reduction or profit increase. We present our qualifications on the basis of competence and experience. We perform each assignment on an individualized basis, and develop recommendation specifically for the practical solution of each client’s problem.

"We perform each assignment on an individualized basis, and develop recommendation specifically for the practical solution of each client's problem."

Customer Relationship


Satisfied customers are key to our success. MACVAL will attain total customer satisfaction by understanding what the customer wants and delivering it efficiently. Work is either carried out on a retainer basis for a stipulated period, or more commonly, as a single project assignment. Whenever feasible, we agree with the client in advance on the fee basis for an assignment. We do not accept commissions or pay them to others for client referrals. We do not also accept fees or commissions from others for recommending equipment, supplies, or services to their clients, as this would affect our impartiality.